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The Report

Every inspection performed by Jim Turner includes a comprehensive, computer generated, narrative report. The inspection report will describe and identify in narrative form the inspected systems and components of the structure and shall identify any material defects found during the inspection. The inspection report may contain recommendations regarding conditions reported for further evaluation by qualified and/or licensed professionals. The report consists of four components: the descriptive cover page and general notes section; the report overview; the body of the report and the inspection agreement. The recipient(s) of this report are urged to thoroughly read all of the report components upon receipt.

Report size will vary, however an average report can be 50-60 pages in length and can take 2-3 business days, after the inspection day, to deliver via email.

Photographs may be taken by the Inspector during the course of the inspection. All photographs taken are for the sole use of the Inspector. At the discretion of the Inspector, photographs may be provided, in the report and / or via e-mail, to the Client(s) and their representative(s) at their request for the sole purpose of clarification of conditions observed during the inspection. 

The comments, recommendations and suggestions contained within the report are not intended as criticisms of the subject structure, or its occupants, but as professional opinions regarding conditions found during the inspection. The information gathered for the report will be compiled using the inspection reporting technique known as D. E. D. (Detect = visually identify ~ Evaluate = is the condition a Primary or Secondary concern ~ Direct = recommendations and suggestions for further evaluation and/or repairs). 

Primary These are conditions that may be deemed as -immediate health, fire and/or safety concerns and may also affect the performance and usable life spans of the components and systems. These are items of the highest priority and should be addressed as soon as possible, will be highlighted in yellow within the body of the report, and may also be listed in the REPORT OVERVIEW. These conditions are usually followed with a “Recommendation” for repair or replacement. 

Secondary - The report may also list conditions that deserve immediate attention; will be highlighted in grey within the body of the report, may be accompanied by a photograph, but are not necessarily listed in the REPORT OVERVIEW. Typically these are conditions that are in need of repair, but have not yet affected performance. Also listed within this category may be suggestions for upgrades, which will enhance the property and increase safety for the occupants. These conditions may be followed with a with a “Recommendation” for repair or replacement or “Suggestion” usually regarding further evaluation for maintenance and/or upgrading by a qualified and licensed professional. Lower priority conditions that are neglected may become higher priority conditions as time goes on.  Do not equate low cost with low priority.

 Maintenance / Upgrades – Suggestions for maintenance or upgrades will be listed throughout this report. These items will be in Italic print and/or listed at the end of each category section. These suggestions should be included with any regularly scheduled maintenance on the structure and its components.

A recommendation for further evaluation by a qualified and licensed professional may be listed at the end of each individual section of this report. If the recommendation refers to a licensed contractor, as a reference tool a corresponding state license classification (i.e.; C-8 = Concrete) may follow the recommendation. When recommendations for further evaluations have been made, the determination of appropriate corrective action for repair or replacement must be left to the professionals retained by the Client.

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